25 Jun 2016


A Raspberry Pi3 VSTS Build Light-Part 3, installing the Codify VSTS Build Light software

In this third blog post in this series, I’ll walk you through getting the Codify VSTS Build light software installed and configured. I’m running Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition with Update 2 on my laptop but you can download and install  Visual Studio Code if you prefer. (It’s FREE) You’ll need the Universal Windows Platform Tools and Windows 10 SDK installed. If you don’t have this installed on your machine, you will be prompted to install it when you open the Codify Build Light solution. Getting the software I’m going to head over to https://github.com/Codify/build-light to download the software for the VSTS Build Light. ...

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13 May 2016


A Raspberry Pi3 VSTS Build Light-Part 2, installing Windows 10 IoT Core

In this second part of this blog series, I’ll walk through setting up Windows 10 IoT Core on your Raspberry Pi 3.  Technically it’s more like setting up Windows 10 IoT Core on a MicroSD but that’s beside the point If you missed part 1 you can find it here. At the moment, the version of Windows IoT core for Raspberry Pi3 that includes the drivers for the on-board WiFi is only available to Windows Insiders. If you’re not already an insider, you can go and sign up. (It’s free.)   I am writing this in early May 2016, so this may...

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12 May 2016


A Raspberry Pi3 VSTS Build Light–Part 1, the hardware

In this three part series, I’ll walk you through my experience creating a VSTS Build Light using a Raspberry Pi3 and an add-on board from the great folk at Codify, here in Brisbane, Australia. We’ll walk through setting up the hardware in this blog post. In the second blog post we’ll install Windows IoT Core on the MicroSD card ready to run on the Raspberry Pi 3. Finally in the third blog post we’ll setup our PC for building and deploying the Codify software onto the Raspberry Pi. We’ll configure the software to connect to our VSTS account and let it...

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