15 Aug 2015


Presenting at VSLive Redmond and a special discount for VSLive New York


Earlier this week I have the privilege of presenting at the VSLive! conference held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. The event was held in the Microsoft Conference Center which is a venue I’ve been in many times over the past few years.

MS Conference Center

This was my first VSLive event and I was very impressed with how well organised the event was. If you’re in the US and considering attending a developer conference, this is certainly a good one to consider. They have 6 events running across the US this year so you can choose to attend the event at a convenient time/location.

I presented the following two talks.

  1. Enhancing Application Quality Using Visual Studio 2015 Premium Features
  2. Not Your Grandfather’s Build – A Look at How Build Has Changed in 2015

A friend in the audience managed to take this photo during one the talks. (Thanks Jim)


I’m off to present these two talks again at the VSLive event in New York at the end of September. If you’re planning on coming along and haven’t registered yet, make sure to use the discount available using the special offer below.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker, I can extend $400 savings on the 4-day package. Register here: http://bit.ly/NYSPK03Home