21 Jul 2015


TFS 2015 Installation Guide

Microsoft has traditionally published a “TFS Install and Administration Guide” in a convenient CHM form for download. At the time of writing these were available from on the Microsoft website here for 2012 & 2013. Unfortunately there is not an installation guide for 2015 in the list.

If you are looking to install TFS 2015, there is currently only a placeholder page on the MSDN website. You can find it here. Hopefully sometime soon this link will resolve to a nice set of installation steps. I suspect it might appear around the time TFS 2015 moves from Release Candidate 2 (RC2) to final release (RTM).

Once the installation guide for TFS 2015 is published I’ll update this post to point it the download link.

[UPDATE Aug 12th] I have just noticed that the installation instructions are now available on the Microsoft Website here. Still no word on if there will be a CHM version.