12 Mar 2015


Microsoft is committed to BOTH Git AND Team Foundation Version Control

In both the classroom while training and in the field while consulting over the past year I have heard all sorts of rumours about Microsoft moving away from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) over to Git. I have even had students in my class struggling with a change to Git and when asked why they were changing they answered “because Microsoft is moving away from TFVC”.  The incorrect assumptions that people have been making are often leading to incorrect choices when it comes to choosing a version control provider.

I do not have anything against Git or TFVC – they both offer great features to development teams. I simply ask that you choose based on which model works best for your team. Don’t make the choice based on rumours and hearsay.

Brian Harry, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, has written I blog post titled The Future of Team Foundation Version Control which I hope will be the final word on this. I hope so anyway.