1 Mar 2014


Error installing Release Management Client

I was installing Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 with Update 1 today and had an issue that I haven’t seen before.

Installing the Release Management server went fine but when I tried to install the Release Management client and connect it to TFS, I received the following error message.

The server specified could not be reached. Please ensure the information that is entered is valid (please contact your Release Management administrator for assistance).

Here’s the dialog box showing the error.image

I checked the usual things – I hadn’t mistyped anything, name resolution was fine, the port was open in the firewall etc. I then tried accessing the service directly from a browser where the Release Management Server was installed (My TFS AT in this case).

I received the following error

Service Unavailable
HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


OK, so the error is on the server side, not the client I was trying to configure.

I checked the event logs on my TFS server where the Release Management Server was installed and found it was filling up rapidly with error’s from the Release Management Monitor. The errors were the same two errors repeating over and over again.


A bit of searching on the Internet led me to the cause of the issue and the appropriate fix. The problem stemmed from the fact that I have SharePoint Foundation 2013 installed on the TFS Server. For small teams just wanting to use the dashboards and document libraries, this is perfectly acceptable.

The steps needed to get things back on track were as follows;

  1. On the machine where the Release Management Server was installed with TFS and Sharepoint, start a Command Prompt. I chose Run as Administrator but I am not sure this was required.
  2. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32Inetsrv
  3. Enter the following command
    appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webServer/globalModules /[name=’SPNativeRequestModule’].preCondition:integratedMode,bitness64


I rebooted the server for good measure and then tried to access the service directly in a browser on the server. This time, the result was much better and I was able to get the Release Management Client to connect without issue.


I’d like to credit the following forum and blog post for the ultimate solution above.

FORUM – http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/1411fb1f-a251-41af-9ac9-df038a0eeb30/releasemanagementmonitor-error-loading-profile-for-current-user?forum=tfsbuild

BLOG POST – http://blogs.flexnetconsult.co.uk/colinbyrne/2012/11/11/RunningA32bitApplicationAlongsideSharePoint2013Problems.aspx