11 Nov 2013

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Downloaded the TFS 2013 RTM ISO? May need to re-download

At the end of last week Microsoft updated the TFS 2013 RTM ISO and web download installers on the MSDN website. This means that if you downloaded the ISO prior to November 9th, 2013, you might be well advised to delete your initial download and download it again.

The reason provided for the updated installers was that they found two bugs that they wanted to address broadly. Updating the installers was a logical choice.

Bugs fixed in the updated installer related to;

  1. Red error box when using Code (version control) in the web UI
  2. Unable to install into a custom path

You can read more about this in the following blog post from Buck Hodges – “Updated Team Foundation Server 2013 download addressing web and installation path issues

  • Thanks for the heads-up, Anthony… I was planning to do a TFS 2013 installation in my sandbox some time in the near future. I already downloaded the ISOs earlier, so this post saved me from some unnecessary headaches.