2 Sep 2013

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TechEd Australia 2013–Learn all about Team Foundation Service

This week, TechEd Australia 2013 is once again at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. I wanted to highlight some sessions that might be of particular interest for anyone wanting to get to know more about Microsoft’s Team Foundation Service. The Service provides a great hosted offering for development teams wanting the power of Team Foundation Server without the overhead of self-hosting it. In addition to not having to host the server yourself, the Service provides elastic build and load testing capabilities with next to no setup required.

Start your TechEd Team Foundation Service experience with an instructor-led lab where you hands-on knowledge of getting started with the service.

Get Started with Team Foundation Service (ILL)

When: Wednesday 9:45am
Where: TLC Theatre 1
Who: Anthony Borton

Follow this up with a breakout session from Ed Blankenship, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager from Redmond.

Hosting your ALM Toolset: Team Foundation Service and Development Tool Services

When: Wednesday, 11:30am
Where: Meeting Room 9
Who: Ed Blankenship

The next stop on your experience is a look at the new Load Testing Service in one of my breakout sessions.

Load Testing with Team Foundation Service

When: Thursday 5:00pm
Where: Meeting Room 8
Who: Anthony Borton

Then finish off your experience with a look at Scrum and Kanban with Richard Banks.

Scrum and Kanban with the Team Foundation Service

When: Friday 1:45pm
Where: Meeting Room 5
Who: Richard Banks

With these four sessions under your belt, you’ll be in a great position to evaluate and possibly adopt Team Foundation Service for your team.