23 Jun 2013


Free training to help you gain Microsoft ALM Certification

MCSD(rgb)_1509During May this year, Steven Borg and I recorded three full day JumpStart sessions for Microsoft Virtual Academy.

These JumpStarts were designed to help people prepare for (and hopefully pass) the three exams required for the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer: Application Lifecycle Management certification. I should also mention that the three one-day courses are completely FREE! Each course comprises a number of modules of approximately 60 minutes each. You can also try yourself on a few self check questions after each module if you wish.

If you find the sessions helpful, please leave a comment and let us know Smile

  • David Verhoeven

    I am finding these videos extremely helpful. We are in the process of upgrading TFS to 2012 Upgrade 3 and find ourselves in a similar position to that of the Accidental TFS Admin. The videos are helping me to understand many things I was struggling to understand. The demos are very well done. Several times in the videos it mentions downloading the PowerPoints but I cannot find them on the Channel 9 site. Are these available for download and if so, where?

    • Hi David,

      I’m glad to hear you are find the training videos helpful. Steve and I had fun recording them. The Powerpoint files are not on Channel 9 but can be found on the MVA website below the links for each of the video segments. Have a look there and ping me again if you can’t find them.

      If you’re interested in more formal training, I also deliver a 3-day TFS 2012 Admin course that you can have delivered onsite or you can attend a class in Kirkland,WA or you can attend online via our virtual classroom. If you’re interested have a look at http://www.quicklearn.com/tfs-training.aspx



  • Juan

    Thanks to you and Steven for doing such an amazing job in the Jump Start videos. I just became ALM certified and without your videos I would have had a hard time getting through the material to pass these exams. You guys are very entertaining and fun to watch, sometimes I could not stop laughing while my co-workers were wondering what was so funny. You guys make a wonderful team and should definitely do many more lessons together. I wish I could meet you guys to personally thank you, Once again, thanks and great job.


    • Hi Juan,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am seeing Steven later today and will pas these along to him as well.

      Congratulations on gaining your certification.



  • Sankar Vijaya

    Hi Anthony, i am Sankar from Bangalore,India. I would like to complete this ALM certification and came across your free training courses and they are really helpful for a preparation.
    Good Job for both of you to put this for us and sharing. :)-
    Soon, i would like to take this 3 exams and become ALM certified.


    • Hi Sankar,

      I am glad you liked the videos that Steve and I recorded. It’s always good to get feedback from people like yourself.

      Good luck with the three exams and hopefully you’ll earn the ALM certification soon.

      All the best.


      • John

        Hi Anthony,

        I’ve just stumbled across the MVA while looking into the various Microsoft Certifications.
        One frustrating thing from browsing the Microsoft Certification site is that while there is a “general description” of the subjects to be tested in the exams, in general there doesn’t appear to be much freely available (structured) material for self-study, such as particular syllabus eBooks etc. I’ve therefore found the presence of the MVA video sets for some (not all) branches of the MCSD/MCSA quite promising.
        How well do you feel these will prepare someone for taking the MCSD exams? Do they in themselves cover the whole course (more or less) in the required depth, or do they simply serve as reminders for material to be studied in greater depth elsewhere?

        Thanks & kind regards,


        • Hi John,

          The MVA JumpStart videos that Steve and I did for the ALM Certification should help quite a bit in preparing a candidate to sit the exams. In the time available (6-7hrs) we tried to cover as much as we could and then provide links and suggestions for additional reading/resources. Depending on an individuals background, the videos may be sufficient for someone with good experience in the subject matter. On the other hand, someone without good experience might still need a bit of research/self-study to get through the exam.

          To help provide a guide of content coverage in the videos, the Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012 course I deliver is two full days of hands-on training. This is excellent preparation for the exam although I have expanded the course to 3 full days for the 2013 version. The MVA Jumpstart in one day could not cover quite the same volume of material although I would say it covers more than 50%.



  • Dear Anthony , I need to take the Testing Exam 70-497 , so there is any different between the Microsoft Academic 072 and the 070 ??? please help me

  • Anil

    Hi Antony,

    I am planning to take up 70-496 exam in next month. I have watched the jump start videos, it is really good. and you have given all the important links in the presentation.
    Got to know lot of information form those videos.
    Thanks you so much .

    If i pass 70-496 exam alone, will i get any certificate/hardcopy acknoledgement from Microsoft ? since i am planning to take 70-497 & 70-498 some time later in this year.

    • Hi Anil,

      Passing your first Microsoft Certification exam automatically makes you a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). You will get an MCP ID, access to the benefits of MCP and a certificate.

      Good luck.



      • Anil

        Thank you for the information and good wishes.

  • Jarkko Iso-Kuortti

    Hi Anthony

    Been trough the jumpstart and since my collagues also have been trough them and tried out the exam also.
    Seems Jumps start is not covering anymore the areas the exam nowadays includes.

    Seems more and more TFS 2013 related questions are coming in exams.
    Hearing what was in the exam from collagues (“best” example was around 15 questions of 48 were not covered by current jumps start at all) I am a bit worried if I should go and try anyhow.

    Is there anything of this uncovered area available (I have the current (TFSadmin and TFS instal helps available aleready)? Or plans to have a new jumps starts near time?

    Best regards,
    Jarkko P Iso-kuortti

    • Hi Jarkko,

      Thank you for your comment. I am not aware of any plans to record updated JumpStarts for the 2013 versions of the exams. Honestly, I would wonder if there was really a justifiable reason to do this.

      I have given your comment some thought and rather than write it all here in the comments, I have decided to write a separate post on this.



  • Esther

    Seeing as 2015 is out now. And ive heard that the exams already had more question on 2013. Are these video’s still relevant? I read that more than a few failed because of the new questions on the newest versions.

    • Hi Esther,
      Thank you for your comment. Obviously the videos will lose value over time as the product and exams both change. I am not aware of Microsoft adding any 2015 related questions into the MCSD:ALM exams yet. I have just reveiwed the official exam preparation guides on the Microsoft website and they only mention 2012/2013.
      It is important to realise that these jumpstart videos were created for the 2012 release version. This is what the exams were targeting at the time. Quite a bit has changed in the product over the quarterly updates and the 2013 release.
      The video should assist you in you preparation for the exams but should never have been your only form of study.

      • Ian Martin

        i’ve had a few 2015 questions, ones on prerequisites, and mixing clients with TFS 2010 and 2015. I failed the exam ๐Ÿ™

        • Hi Ian, Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear you failed the exam. I have heard from a few people that the exams have 2015 content so anyone considering taking the exam should be mindful of this.