Using Microsoft Test Manager? Get this Hotfix

Microsoft has released a hotfix rollup for Microsoft Test Manger to address a number of issues that users may be experiencing. I have experienced a number of the issues addressed in this hotfix rollup including a few while doing presentations Smile

This hotfix rollup combines the Lab Management GDR, the QFE1 patch as well as a few more hotfixes. You should install this update on all computers where you have Microsoft Test Manager installed.

You can find out more about his update on the Microsoft website at

Description of the hotfix rollup package for Microsoft Test Manager 2010: October 2010

and you can download the update here.

Download this hotfix rollup package from the Microsoft Connect website (Approx. 19Mb)

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About anthonyborton

Anthony Borton is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM. He is the principle ALM Consultant/Trainer at Enhance ALM, based in Brisbane, Australia.
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