20 Jul 2010


Professional Scrum Developer training–Sprint 1

This week I am delivering the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) training course in Adelaide. The course has been jointly developed by Scrum.org, Microsoft and Accentient and is focused on teaching .NET development teams how to successfully adopt Scrum. The course combines aspects of Scrum, Visual Studio 2010 and Software Engineering Practices and involves both theory Professional Scrum Developer Logoand practical exercises. At the end of the course students will sit an online exam and should become Certified Professional Scrum Developers.

Here’s a few photos from Sprint 1.

The Story Board takes shape
The StoryBoard starts to come together.

My Lenovo S10 makes a good Timebox Clock
My Lenovo S10 netbook makes a great timebox clock.

Anthony in disguise as the Product Owner
Here I am in my disguise as the Product Owner.

If you’d like to find a Professional Scrum Developer course near you, visit the Scrum.org website at http://courses.scrum.org/

If you’re interested in having this course taught in-house for your staff in the Asia-Pacific region, feel free to email me at anthonyb@enhancealm.com.au