10 Jun 2010


Upcoming User Group presentations in New Zealand – VS2010 Testing

Later this month I will have the pleasure of presenting at three user groups in New Zealand. For those of you not familiar with the user group community in New Zealand, it is one of the most well organised and cohesive developer communities I am aware of.

These are the dates and locations where I will be presenting for those of you in NZ and interested in attending.

  • Monday 21st June – VSTS Users Group, Wellington
  • Tuesday 22nd June – North Shore .NET Users Group, Auckland
  • Tuesday 29th June – Christchurch .NET Users Group, Christchurch

The session I will be presenting at each of these user groups is as follows.

Coded UI Tests in Action

For developers, it is easy to focus testing efforts on unit tests and leave the rest to dedicated testers. Learn how this has changed with the new Coded UI Tests in Visual Studio 2010. Using Visual Studio Premium or Visual Studio Ultimate, developers can create automated User Interface tests in code to test the UI for an application functions correctly. You can add assertions in the test to ensure UI controls have certain properties and behave as expected. You can even run the tests as part of your automated builds. In this session you will learn how developers can write effective and maintainable Coded UI tests and increase the quality of their application.

Some great giveaways never hurt either

At each of the three user group presentations, I’ll also have a number of giveaways for attendees as well. We all know that people just love to win things 🙂

At each of the three user group presentations, I will be giving away the following:

A huge thanks to the fine folk at Infragistics, Altova and Wrox Press.

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