16 Jul 2009

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My Team System sessions at TechEd Australia this year

This year for TechEd Australia I am fortunate enough to have been given two sessions to present. Naturally the session are in the Developer Tools and Practices track which is where you’d expect to find Team System sessions. For the first session I get to team up again with good friend and fellow Team System MVP, William Bartholomew. In the second session I’ll be flying solo.

Here are the details of the two sessions.

DEV220 Raising your development to the next level – Getting started with Application Lifecycle Management

In this session you will see Anthony and William provide an end to end walkthrough on how an integrated ALM product like Visual Studio Team System can greatly improve many aspects of your software development projects. Historically many teams gradually introduce different tools into their process that often require a significant effort to make them work together. Integrated ALM suites like Visual Studio Team System make this much easier resulting in more confident and successful teams. In this session you’ll watch the journey a feature takes from the initial requirement, through coding, unit testing, code analysis, performance analysis, build, packaging and deployment. Witness how the various members of your team can easily work together towards a common goal. During the journey, we’ll also see how all team members have full visibility of the work being done through Visual Studio Team System’s real time notification and reporting capabilities. This session is a fast paced, action packed walkthrough that offers value for every members of your software development team and it should not be missed.


DEV330 Improve Code Quality with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Test

Building software has become ever more complex and teams often struggle with poor or non-existent requirements and constantly shifting priorities. When software defects–bugs–are found they are often confusing and difficult to connect to the requirements of the product in the first place. Challenges like these can slow down delivery, impact quality, and frustrate everyone on the team. There is a new way. Come learn about new features of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System in test case management–from creating and managing Test Plans, Test Suites, and Test Cases to engaging in the whole end-to-end application cycle, to new features such as test case recording and playback, rich bug filing, and many more.

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