16 Apr 2008


Work Item Web Access Power Tool – CTP Available

One of the things that Microsoft did with the release of VSTS 2008 was to relax the TFS licensing to enable a number of use scenarios. Specifically they now "allow an unlimited number of users in your company to create any work item, query for work items they have created and view or update any work item they have created all without a CAL."  Brian Harry provided the details in his blog post "TFS Licensing Change for TFS 2008"

The relaxation of the CAL licensing was great news but unfortunately there was no user interface that could enforce the limitations of creating and viewing only your own WIs. That where the newly announced Work Item Web Access (WIWA) Power Tool CTP comes in. This cut down version of Team System Web Access (TSWA) allows you to expose a web interface that automaitcally enforces compliance to the "only view and edit work items I create" restriction.

WIWA differs from TSWA in the following ways show in the following screenshot. There is only a single query wich is "Work Items created by Me" and the tabs you are familiar with from TSWA such as Documents, Reports and Builds are missing.

The CTP of this power tool is available at "http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=FAED8359-F54D-480E-8A86-F154D3DEA07E&displaylang=en%20".

3 thoughts on “Work Item Web Access Power Tool – CTP Available

  1. Ok Anthony,
    I’ll kick things off by asking the obvious question – What is the value of this powertool?
    That is a VERY big limitation – only being able to view/edit your own Work Items.
    I can see how we could use it for customer support – e.g. allowing customers of our products to lodge personal defects / requests with us.
    But it really limits the collaboration features of Work Items and Team Foundation Server.
    We’re keen to see Work Items and TFS used much more broadly in the organisation – allowing the business to leverage more value out of their investment in TFS and facilitate better collaboration within and between projects. This seems more like a tantalizer / teaser than a real ‘power tool’.

  2. Hi Carl,
    The WIWA Power Tool can be installed side-by-side with TSWA to provide the best of both worlds. The core reason for having both is rooted in the fact you can now do some *limited* things without needing a CAL. TSWA provides a fully featured and rich web interface for all users in your organisation that you have a CAL for. WIWA on the other hand provides limited functionality to non-CAL’d users. While WIWA *could* do more, it does everything possible based on the change to Microsoft licencing model for accessing TFS.
    If WIWA is too limited for your organisations use, you may need to consider the purchase of additional CALs so you can use TSWA.

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