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911, 2005

Team Foundation Server User Management Tool

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One of the administrative tasks that annoys both me and a number of my clients using TFS, is the need to add user accounts in three locations – TFS, Sharepoint & SQL Reporting Services. The Developer Aftermarket Solution team at Microsoft is considering creating a tool to streamline this process but they need to hear from the community to learn if such a tool would be useful. If you are using TFS and think this would be a good idea, visit the DDCPX Blog and leave your comment for the team. Via [Rob Caron]

711, 2005

Service Packs for VS2003 and VS2005 scheduled for 2006

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I have just read a post from Scott Wiltamuth (C# Product Unit Manager) where he states the following; We have plans for two service pack releases for the first part of 2006: VS 2003 SP1 is scheduled for April 2006.  We have done much of the work for this release already, and are anxious to get it to you. VS 2005 SP1 is scheduled for the first half of 2006.  We will be more specific about the date in a few months, once we have more customer data. I think it is great to get advanced notice about the estimated release schedule for service packs as it helps us in our planning. […]

611, 2005

Microsoft eLearning – Free training offer ends 17th Nov.

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The Microsoft eLearning web site has a number of great courses available covering Visual Studio 2005 and Team System. While the courses are all available online, many can be taken offline if that is more convenient for you. You can view your progress through the training and print a transcript on the site as well. Here are a few of the available eLearning titles Clinic 2551: Introduction to Visual Studio Team System Course 2927: Building Web Applications with ASP.NET 2.0 Course 2924: Building Data Components in Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Course 2926: Building Windows® Forms Applications with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 You must act quickly though as the free offer is only available […]

211, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 SDK – October release for RTM

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I was just about to make some changes to a custom check-in policy I have written for the Beta 2 version of Visual Studio 2005. I checked a few days ago to see if the Visual Studio 2005 SDK had been updated for the RTM version of Visual Studio 2005 and it had not been. A check back today reveals the October RTM release of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK with support for the RTM version of Visual Studio 2005 and Beta 3 of Team Foundation Server. I am in the process of downloading it now so I can’t offer any news on any changes just yet. If you are keen to download this yourself, […]

211, 2005

Team System Licensing White Paper

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One of the topics I have been increasingly asked about concerning VSTS & TFS is the subjsct of licensing these products in a variety of different scenerios. I noticed on Rob Caron’s blog this morning that the (previously internal only) Team System Licensing whitepaper is now publically available on the Microsoft Download site. The document includes information on the following products. Team System Client products Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition Team Test Load Agent Download the whitepaper from the Microsoft website here (2.2Mb)