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2505, 2005

MOC2631 Optimizing the Software Development Life Cycle with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

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The MOC2631 Workshop is one of the first offerings from Microsoft on Visual Studio Team System. I have just been reading what Stephen Borg has had to say on his experiences from the Beta run of the workshop recently. Check out the blog entry over at P.S. Can we have it now? Please, please, please ;)

2205, 2005

VS2005 Beta2 Keyboard stops responding – Workaround

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I was just reading on Andrew Coates blog about a problem I have experienced a couple of times with VS2005 Beta 2. During one of his presentations to the Canberra Avanade .NET developers, someone in the audience explained the workaround for this problem. “With the cursor in the code windows, press Alt+Enter and the problem goes away.” Unfortunately, Andrew didn’t catch his name so we can’t thank him for his discovery.

1905, 2005

TechEd 2005 Registrations now open – Be quick for Early Bird discounts

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 I have just been to the Australian TechEd 2005 web site and noticed that you can now register to attend the conference. I don’t know how long you have been able to register but for those hoping to register for the Early Bird discount, you must do so BEFORE 30th June. Visit the Australian TechEd2005 site to register now and make sure you’re there for all the VSTS/TFS sessions!

1305, 2005

Team Foundation Server now in MSDN! Well sort of…

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Microsoft listens to its customers – VSTS/MSDN Pricing & Licencing Update It is with great interest that I read Rick LaPlante’s recent blog post where he states the following; “we will place a limited version of Team Foundation Server in each Visual Studio Team System role edition.  This version will be restricted to a maximum of five users and should serve the needs of smaller organizations.” Check out Rick’s blog entry for more information.

1205, 2005

FIX: High CPU load on Team Foundation server data tier (Beta 2)

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I was just catching up on my Blog reading and I noticed that Buck Hodges a great post that talks about a problem that occurs on the data tier of Team Foundation Server. If you have noticed an unusually high CPU Utilisation, this might help reduce the problem, especially if you are running virtual machines and want to try to get the best speed you can. Read the post on Buck’s blog.

1105, 2005

DMA Patch for VS2005 Beta 2 and device emulator now available

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Microsoft have released the DMA Transport Update for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. This update changes the protocol used for communication between the Device Emulator engine from “Virtual Switch” to DMA and improves the emulator performance noticably. Download this from the Microsoft Website here. (Note: it is 82.8Mb) UPDATE – See my article here on “Installing the DMA Transport Update”

805, 2005

VS2005 Beta 2 release – ADSL usage chart

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I had to smile to myself when I just checked our home ADSL usage chart for the last month. We are on a plan that provides 12Gb/mth peak download and 12gb/mth off-peak (midnight-8am) download. Would anyone like to guess which date Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 was released?    To anticipate your next question… No I couldn’t wait to get it during offpeak! haha

705, 2005

Microsoft TechEd Australia Sessions

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It looks like Chuck has been very busy over the last couple of months coming up with a great line up of sessions for TechEd 2005 in Australia this year. I am sure Chuck is also very happy to have TechEd held on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast in the new state of the art Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre that opened in June last year. Enough about that, check out the sessions on Chuck’s Blog. TechEd 2005 will be held in Australia from 31st August – 2 September. Visit the TechEd website